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Largest Dual-Axis Solar Power Plant Coming to Pecos County

via Zora Asberry, Anchor, News West 9

PECOS COUNTY, TX (KWES) – One of the largest solar power plants in the state and the world is coming to West Texas. The plant is currently under construction in Bakersfield, Texas. The new project is called Alamo 6 and it’s expected to bring over 250 jobs to Pecos County.

John Huffaker, Vice President of Commercial Operations for OCI Solar Power, said,
“Alamo 6 is a 100-megawatt project that we have put together using materials entirely made from Texas, so we have our solar panels, our trackers, the construction company and inverters that are all manufactured here in Texas.”

The projects are named Alamo 1-7 and are a part of a contract deal between OCI Solar Power and CPS Energy in San Antonio.

“As the technology advances, you have additional production, capacity, you have cheaper prices, you have products that allow us to smooth out the intermittency of the sun so there’s a lot going on for solar and this is just the beginning of it,” said Huffaker.

OCI Solar Power said they chose Bakersfield, Texas in Pecos County as a site because of the great sun in West Texas.

“There’s different types of ways to track the sun. We have what is known as a dual-axis tracker which allows us to really trace the sun no matter which direction the sun is going. It gives us a lot more versatility improving the production of the solar equipment itself, so it’s the largest dual-axis tracker in the world,” said Huffaker.

The site is roughly five miles long and one mile wide. With the construction of the new plant, OCI solar power and CPS Energy hope to bring more jobs and economic stability to the area.

“We’re looking beyond this immediate project already to the next one so there’s great potential for solar in West Texas,” said Huffaker.The Alamo 6 solar power plant in Pecos County is set to be completed by September of 2016.

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