FTA-120 Fixed Tilt

Pile Drive Foundation Design

The Fastest and most Bankable fixed tilt mounting system in the industry today
Technology Advantage

Ease of Installation

Adjusts easily to site/field conditions

The Sun Action Trackers FTA-120 utility scale racking system utilizes a drive pile foundation design that allows for speed in the field during installation. With the use of PowerSnap Clip and Clamp the FTA-120 is guaranteed to be the Fastest and most Bankable fixed tilt mounting system in the industry today.

System Advantages

Ease of Installation

Module installation just got simpler with the use of the PowerSnap no-tool clip option, which allows you to install modules with a simple snap in less time reducing in-field work

Built with Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel (MAC Steel) allowing it to adjust easily to any site/field conditions. MAC Steel is 5-10 time stronger than conventional galvanized steel which allows the FTA-120 to withstand harsh corrosive atmospheres.

The FTA-120 is compatible with any commercially available module on the market, allowing you to expand your resources to accommodate the module of your choice.

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