Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel (MAC Steel)

Extend the Life of your Project

Developed to withstand high corrosive atmospheres.

Self Healing Alloy

MAC Steel has excellent galling and scratch resistance due to its high surface hardness. The magnesium in the MAC Steel’s coating layer will accelerate the formation of “Simonkolleite” which plays a role as a corrosion inhibitor for the base metal.

Corrosive Resistant

The self-healing properties of the MAC Steel allow it to withstand high corrosive atmospheres and coastal regions better than traditional steel products.


MAC Steel is 5-10 times stronger and has a higher life expectancy than conventional galvanized steel used in the industry today.
UL Tested

MAC Steel underwent several examinations through Underwriters Laboratories (UL) such as Corrosive Atmosphere Tests which consisted of a 600-hr accelerated salt spray corrosion test and a Metallic Coating Thickness Test. The testing was in accordance with UL 3703.

Clean & Even Surface

Clean surface that allows for easy transportation and installation.

Clean Punching

The clean punching surface makes it convenient during the installation process.


Uneven Surface

The steel surface looks grainy with an uneven surface due to its galvanized coated layer.

Thick layers

As the galvanized is left to dry, thick layers of galvanized are left behind. This process makes it difficult during the assembly process as installers must clean uneven punching.

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