Comparison with other system

Single axis tracker or Fixed tilt + Civil cost (leveling cost) VS Dual Axis Tracker
Reduce 20-45% of solar panel counts with same output by using Dual Axis Tracker
In general, Dual Axis Tracker generates 45% more than Fixed Tilt and 25% more than Single Axis Tracker (actual results may slightly vary by region)
DualTrack can be installed and operated in heavy snow region and flooded area. It can make clearance up to 8.25ft unlike Single axis tracker and ground mount fixed tilt.

We help with the overall planning of a project from start to finish.

Trace the sun in real-time

  • Real-Time Sensing Technology was developed to capture maximum energy from the sun. The patented Real-Time Sensor guides our systems to the highest point of irradiance optimizing energy production by 4% – 6% or more. The sensor communicates with the tracker control box to make the necessary movement to face the array perpendicular to the sun – unlike astronomical systems that are programmed to follow their pre-programmed path
  • No Calibrations for tracker required unlike other tracking system.
  • Automatically No track No wasted energy during cloudy day

Top highest energy harvest solar racking system in existence

DualTrack is compatible with all commercially available modules on the market.
DualTrack performs optimally throughout the entire day producing more energy per hour than single axis tracker and fixed
The increase of DualTrack in production can be approximately 45% higher than ground mount fixed tilt (60% more by using Bi-facial panel) and 25% higher than single axis tracker. (actual results may slightly vary by region)

MAC (Magnesium Alloy Coated) Steel

Magnesium Alloy Coated (MAC) steel is tested and engineered to be 5-10times more resistant to corrosive environments compared to standard galvanized steel
The self-healing properties of MAC steel allows for our trackers to stand the test of time, giving them lasting durability and functionality.
The usable lifetime of MAC Steel is estimated to be 100 years unlike 25 years for hot-dip galvanized steel

“All terrain” DualTrack.

It can be installed and operated in nearly any terrain, including flood zones, landfills, farmlands, hill and mountain slopes with Zero civil cost
Sun Action Trackers’ DualTrack is perfect for your Utility, agricultural, commercial, and industrial projects. DualTrack can be mounted with 42 or 48 panels (72cell solar panel).

Flooded Fields

Wind Mode

When defined wind speed if triggered, trackers move to stow mode to protect project investment. Once the wind speed has returned to normal operational tolerances, trackers will return to work.
Operational Wind Loads support up to 45mph(20m/s) before Stow mode initiates.

Snow Mode

Certain environments require the use of snow shedding and other accommodations to keep trackers working year-round. With the use of Real Time Sensing, Sun Action Trackers can determine snowy and overly cloudy conditions and move to snow mode, Snow Mode sends the tracker into a 60-degree tilt to easily shed snow from the solar panels and keep snow from accumulating

No wasted energy to operate tracker

Our Real-Time Sensor tracks in real time - without any pre-programming necessary. During lack of irradiation from cloud coverage, the Real-Time Sensor positions the trackers in a stow or 0° degrees position, allowing for no wasted energy compared to astronomical trackers that follow their pre-programmed path

Diffused light

Due to diffused light, the optimal position of the tracker is not always facing directly towards the sun. Pre-programed trackers from most of other competitors will continuously move with their predetermined programming and not take into consideration shifts in irradiance.

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Low and easy maintenance
low voltage DC motors which require low maintenance and minimum downtime.
Low and easy maintenance
Use communication protocol programmed with wireless capabilities to remotely control and to check your tracker status from anywhere with a WIFI connection
Low and easy maintenance
Use communication protocol programmed with wireless capabilities to remotely control and to check your tracker status from anywhere with a WIFI connection
More than 60,000 trackers are operating in the world since 2006