Real Time Smart Solar Sensing Technology – Dual Axis Tracker

To no one’s surprise, with the rising lifestyle merits all around the globe, every household’s power consumption has increased dramatically in recent years. To meet these rising demands, many people are turning to more sustainable sources of energy, such as solar power. With that said, photovoltaic solar technology has also grown in popularity due to its availability, low cost, and ease of installation.

However, tracking and managing energy output remain a significant hurdle to the widespread implementation of solar power. This is where Real Time Smart Solar Sensing Technology comes into the picture. Companies manufacturing these smart tracking and optimal tracking equipment assist users in fully leveraging the potential of a solar power system and reaping the most benefits from the installation. One of the most effective tracking solutions available in the market is the PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker

PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker – A Leap into the Future

The Dual-Axis Tracker maximises solar PV efficiency independent of weather or temperature conditions. It’s manufactured to deliver stable electricity all year due to its rugged design, high-end technology, and safety control functions. 

Thanks to Sun Action Tracker’s patented smart real time sensing technology and ahead-of-the-time engineering approach, the PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker is perfect for everyone from large-scale farmers to military units. 

Smart Solar Sensing in Action

In a big solar installation facility, there are arrays where thousands of solar panels are tied together. These modules are then wired back to a midline, where direct current (DC) electricity from the panels is converted to alternating current (AC) through the Solar inverter. This electricity can be used later to power massive buildings and farms. To monitor and optimise this power consumption, Sun Action Tracker’s innovative team brings to you the premium quality smart solar action trackers.  

This intelligent online monitoring and troubleshooting system is integrated with automated IoT devices, allowing you to access relevant data from all your digital devices. Once installed, the users can collect real-time data, analyse historical data, and even compare trends based on numerous parameters.

Why Choose Sun Action Trackers

Sun Action Trackers is a fully-fledged manufacturer and service provider of solar tracking, monitoring and management systems with single and multiple axes. With headquarters in San Antonio and a long industry experience, our innovative systems have been deployed all across North America. 

One of our many products, dual axis smart solar tracker has shown to be very suitable for niche sectors such as brownfields, municipal waste sites, and site-constrained regions. For high security locations such as law enforcement facilities, fire departments, corporate campuses, and hospitals where maximum yield is required, our latest dual axis real time solar tracker is an ideal choice. 

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