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DualTrack 24/42/48 (panels)

Up To 60% more energy generations by using Dual Axis Tracker

DualTrack 24/42
For Residential

Sun Action Trackers’ DualTrack is designed specifically for residential use. It can be mounted with 24 or 42 panels (72cell), and is capable of producing 45%-60% more energy than conventional rooftop designs, 70% more with bi-facial panels.

DualTrack 42/48
For Agricultural, Commercial, & Industrial

Sun Action Trackers’ DualTrack is perfect for your agricultural, commercial, and industrial projects. DualTrack can be mounted with 42 or 48 panels (72cell).

DualTrack 48
For Utility

Sun Action Trackers has over 600 MW installed in North America and over 1.5 GW installed worldwide for Utility Scale Solar Projects.

Save on project cost by using Dual Axis Tracker

If you want to compare different racking system for your project, single axis tracker or fixed tilt + civil cost VS Dual Axis Tracker is right way to calculate. Dual Axis Trackers can be installed in any terrain without civil work unlike single axis trackers and/or ground mount fixed tilt racking systems.

Trace the sun and capture up to 60% more energy

Generally, a Dual Axis Tracker generates up to 45% more energy than a Fixed Tilt and 25% more than a Single Axis Tracker (actual results may vary by region)

All Terrain Dual Track

Dual Axis Trackers can be installed in flood zones, landfills, farmlands, hillsides, and mountain slopes with Zero civil cost for Residential, Commercial, and Utility

Quick Offset

The Dual Axis Trackers system’s higher costs are quickly offset by its up to 60% more energy generation than single axis trackers and/or ground mount fixed tilt racking systems.


All terrain DualTrack

DualTrack in Action
Agricural Use
Sun In Action - Alamo 3

Solar Carports and Solar Canopies

Sun Action Trackers offers a full line of solar carport and solar canopy services, including: design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation based on site specific challenges.

With over 16 years of solar technology experience, we offer the most cost-effective solar carport solutions in the industry.

Single Axis Tracker (Single Track)

Real Time Sensing

- Patented Technology
-1%-6% average increased energy generated by tracking in real time
MAC (Magnesium Alloy Coated)Steel

-5-10 times mroe corrosion resistant than traditional galvanized steel
-Self-healing to prevent rust expansion
Installation flexibility

-SingleTrack is designed with a self-aligning Pivot Assmbly that eliminates installation adjustments-saving you time!
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