Amazing Advantages of Solar Carports

Looking for a solid alternative to solar rooftops or requiring solar power on undeveloped land? We have the perfect solution for you. Enter the solar carport mounting system, a revolutionary solution that’s highly configurable, pocket-friendly, and easy to deploy.

With a variety of options available, including single, double, and dual axis variants, it’s often regarded as one of the industry’s most versatile solar solutions. While a standard carport or canopy provides shade and protects vehicles from environmental wear, solar carports and canopies scale their use to a whole new level. Want to know why? Here are 5 top benefits of implementing solar carports and canopies.

Advantages of Solar Carports

1. Require Little Space

Based on a canopy system, solar carports require relatively less space than conventional rooftop or ground solar panels. This inherent quality makes solar carports such a great alternative to ground mounted solar systems. Additionally, since these are deployed over already constructed and functioning parking lots, this arrangement is an excellent example of utilizing the space well.

2. Lowers Energy Costs

Dual-axis solar carports can boost energy production by up to 50% by leveraging their bi-facial solar panels. This, in turn, lowers your energy costs substantially and allows you to save big, providing revenue stability.

In addition to this, depending on where you’re located, you may also be able to trade the electricity your solar carports generate for bill compensations. In some cases, you can also sell the extra energy generated by sending it back to the utility grid.

3. Easy to Maintain

Due to their rugged construction and multi-utility design, solar carports and canopies are a lot easier to maintain than they seem. Once deployed well, these protect the cars underneath from rain, snow and sun-heat effectively thanks to their tilted arrangement.

Moreover, these solar canopies are designed to prevent the collection of snow. This makes navigating around the parking lot a lot safer and faster. Lastly, their composition makes them easy to reach and simple to fix in case they actually malfunction.

4. Highly Customizable

One significant advantage of solar carports is the ease with which these systems can be customized. A solar carport can be built specifically to maximize the amount of sunlight exposure in order to generate more power, or can also be personalized to save more space.

When erected on residential land, solar carports can also be connected into house power systems. It is also possible to incorporate an EV (electric vehicle) charging port to your carport. Ask what the Sun Action Trackers have in store for you.

5. Sustainable for Businesses and Communities

Every business operating on the face of this earth has the responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint to help sustain the environment. Businesses opting for solar carports can achieve that with ease. Today, customers also like to choose companies committed to saving the environment and trying to help the community in every way possible. We, at Sun Action Direct, have a plethora of solar carports and canopies, including the 5-10 times more corrosion resistant “Dual-axis Solar Carports.”

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