Sun Action Trackers to attend RE+ 2022 at Annaheim, California

On Sept 19-22, 2022, Sun Action Tracker had attend RE+, the most exciting Solar Event of the year.

In this year, the RE+ solar tradeshow shows a full of hope and excitement. PV tech has been on the ground for every day of the event.

Sun Action Trackers confidently exihibit the state of are trackers, which attact many audiences in the show. 

PV Tech has also been eager to stress that the IRA’s impact won’t truly be felt until 2024, with the module supply constraints of the past couple of years set to continue in the short term.
In this years event, all in all, however, there has been an overwhelming sense of hope, optimism and excitement about the future of US solar at this year’s show, with a truly transformation support package set to fundamentally reshape the country’s, and perhaps the world’s, solar landscape.

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